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Mobile Message Sign

Mobile Message Sign

Mounted on trailers, mobile message signs offer flexibility in providing essential information to motorists wherever and whenever necessary. They can be monitored and the displays can be modified from a central station.


  • 12", 16" and 18" character height formats
  • multiple display configurations available (1-3 lines), full-matrix, line-matrix, or character-matrix
  • AllGaP high-performance amber LEDs
  • intelligent firmware delivering unprecedented remote monitoring and diagnostics capabilities
  • patented "SV2" ventilated pixel visor for optimal legibility and high MTBF
  • modular componentry
  • ultra-low power requirements
  • "no-tools" sign maintenance
  • thermodynamically-engineered forced-air housing ventilation
  • welded aluminum housing with Lexan face
  • welded heavy-duty steel trailer (single or double-axle)
  • reliable Lombardini diesel generator
  • various fuel tank sizes available based on field autonomy requirements
  • excellent legibility characteristics
  • variable intensity via 3-way photocell controller

Control system:

  • easy-to-use local/remote control and diagnostics software
  • open architecture design allowing for integration into new or existing traffic management networks
  • enhanced remote pixel-status monitoring capability
  • remote data transmission via cellular modem or RF
  • local control via laptop computer (RS-232) or fixed controller


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